Martha Rosler is a Brooklyn based American artist and writer working through the media of photography, collage, video, installation, and performance, who makes boldly discerning works, addressing the issues surrounding our cultural existence, both public and private, as influenced by the media, politics, and our physical environment, notably from a feminist perspective.


Some of Rosler's early, well-known works include her video Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975, a satire of Julia Child's cookery programs, which draw attention to the role of the woman in the home, also critiquing consumerism and the effects of mass media, and House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home, c. 1967-72, a series of photo-collages juxtaposing images of the Vietnam war with ideal home interiors, commenting on the ways in which the war was communicated to Americans back at home. A further edition to this series was also produced in 2004 reflecting America's involvement in Iraq.