Jacqueline de Jong is widely known for her contribution to the European avant-garde of the 1960s, in particular to the Situationist International (SI) and Gruppe SPUR. Her painting practice is diverse: declining to progress in a linear fashion, she often doubles back and revisits formal and conceptual concerns. Early works from the 1960s include expressive abstraction, the violent and humorous Accidental Paintings and Suicidal Paintings series, and the witty and erotic Private Lives of the Cosmonauts. Themes of sexual desire, war and violence continue throughout, with the Série Noire of 1980s, the Paysages Dramatiques and paintings of the 1990s that address war more explicitly. During the 2010s de Jong took inspiration from the monstrous shapes of overgrown potatoes to explore the humorous and grotesque side of nature whilst experimenting with new materials and photographic printing. Her most recent work returns to oil painting and a re-examination of early themes that have new resonance in the present day.