Angela Heisch is now co-represented by GRIMM Gallery

GRIMM will represent Heisch in New York and Amsterdam

GRIMM’s representation and work on behalf of the Brooklyn-based painter will be focused in New York and Amsterdam and will be shaped in close collaboration with Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London. GRIMM will first present an exhibition of new paintings by Heisch in Amsterdam in September 2022, followed by a solo exhibition in New York in 2023.

Known for her luminous application of color, Heisch (b. 1989, Auckland, New Zealand)
composes paintings of repeated motifs, curving forms, and delicate, gestural lines. Drawing inspiration from organic bodies, patterns in nature, and the cosmos, Heisch’s paintings are infused with waves of energy and tension, capturing triumphant yet fleeting moments of balance and stillness.

Heisch paints carefully in multi-layered applications of oil on canvas to achieve the desired atmospheric qualities and emotional tenor of the final work. Each painting is characterised by a sense of movement, a fluidity reflected in the opposing properties that coexist on the canvas – hard and soft, light and dark, flatness and depth. Such oppositional symmetry is at the heart of the artist’s practice and infuses her paintings with an embodied inquisitive gaze, directly inviting the viewer to engage and explore open-ended states of possibility and meaning.

“It is a privilege to work with Angela, whose powerful approach to abstraction within contemporary painting is a great complement and addition to the gallery's program,”  said Jorg Grimm, owner of GRIMM. “Her paintings command attention — as we experienced in our 2021 group exhibition Romancing the Surface — and we’re thrilled to be working in close partnership with Pippy Houldsworth Gallery and with Angela to present the depth of her work in cities on both sides of the Atlantic.”

10 February 2022