Aimée Parrott: Kadō (wayward) Tokonoma

23 May - 2 August 2019 The Box

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery is delighted to present new work by Aimée Parrott in The Box, a micro-project space alongside the main gallery. The artist's recent experimentation with freestanding sculpture draws directly from her painting practice, developing her interest in formal and conceptual spaces. Parrott's wall-based work makes use of a broad range of painterly techniques - staining, washing and graphic gestural marks - and combines these with a sculptural use of textiles such as velvet, latex and thread. Playing with the viewer's perception of pictorial depth, this initiates a dialogue between two and three-dimensional space. Parrott conceptualises the canvas as an interface at which physical and illusory images collide: a permeable skin that translates between the internal and external.


Kadō (wayward) Tokonoma juxtaposes steel and aluminum with cotton wool and crepe paper, drawing attention to its material fragility and structural form. The title references the seemingly haphazard yet deliberate composition, whilst its construction suggests a generative, interconnected organic system, on a macro or micro level. In a painterly manner she builds up colour, texture and form, oscillating between obscured and permeable layers.


Aimée Parrott (b. 1987) graduated from University College Falmouth (2009) and received a Post Graduate Diploma from the Royal Academy London (2014). She is the winner of the Exeter Contemporary Open (2017) and the Dentons Art Prize (2014). Her work is currently on show at Falmouth Art Gallery as part of 'The World As Yet Unseen, Women Artists in Conversation with Partou Zia'. Recent solo shows include Recent Activity, Birmingham (2019); From the desk of Lucy Bull, LA (2018-19); Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London (2018); Trade Gallery, Nottingham (2018) and Breese Little, London (2016). Group exhibitions include Dyson Gallery, London (2018); Stadtgalerie Villa Dessauer, Bamburg (2017); Breese Little, London (2017); Royal Academy of Art (2017); The Container Gallery, London (2017) and a two person show with Helen Frankenthaler at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London (2015). She is currently curating an exhibition as part of Edinburgh Arts Festival to open at Arusha Gallery this year.