Art Basel OVR:2021: Angela Heisch

9 - 12 February 2022

For Art Basel OVR:2021, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery is delighted to exhibit a solo presentation of new large-scale paintings and works on paper by Brooklyn based, New Zealand born artist Angela Heisch. A continuation of her investigations into colour, form and line, and their manifestation as tension and movement on the canvas surface, these new works expand on Heisch’s unique abstract language and her explorations of the psychological realms within.


Drawing from the collective sensations in the world around her, Heisch’s vibrant and ever morphing works utilise gradations of colour to evoke certain densities and atmospheres, which create tension or waves of energy through interlocking or obstructive relationships. The works presented here, composed in oil on linen and pastel on paper, further develop past themes explored by the artist, such as apophenia, growth, intrigue, playfulness, and confrontation. Each work is a reaction to its own environment, evoking a multiplicity of perspectives at once. With the gravitational force of celestial bodies, blue, red and orange orbs swirl and stretch, both seemingly pulling the other elements within the plane towards them and at once propelling them out towards the far reaches of the canvas. These dichotomous relationships place the viewer in multiple dimensions, forcing them to interact with what they are looking at and to reflect upon the intangible.


Angela Heisch (b. 1989, Auckland, New Zealand) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BA in Fine Arts from University at Potsdam, SUNY, NY (2011) and an MFA from University at Albany, SUNY, NY (2014). Recent exhibitions include 'Romancing the Surface', curated by Loie Hollowell at GRIMM Gallery, Amsterdam (2021) and 'Present Generations', at Columbus Museum of Art, OH (2021-2022). Heisch’s first UK solo exhibition, 'Burgeon and Remain', was presented at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London, in September 2021. The artist’s work has recently been acquired by Columbus Museum of Art, OH; Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami; Elie Khouri Art Foundation, Dubai; Xiao Museum of Contemporary Art, Rizhao.